Nomensa Ltd. Demonstrates Their Satisfaction With siteSifter

Last updated 7th of March, 2012

Nomensa Ltd. Demonstrates Their Satisfaction With siteSifter

It is with pride Greytower today can announce that, for the third year running, Nomensa Ltd. has signed on for a subscription of our siteSifter quality testing system.

siteSifter will deliver on–demand reports on a variety of topics related to user experience and accessibility, in a variety of formats.

We are confident our services will be equally as useful in the future as they have been to Nomensa in the past.

About Greytower

Greytower Technologies is a Swedish–based company with a UK presence, specialising in system development and automated quality auditing on and for the World Wide Web. We perform single and multiple site audits using a number of different tests suites, including accessibility guidelines.

Greytower has been registered with the Swedish Tax Office since 2002.

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About Nomensa

Nomensa is an experience design agency. They are one of the most established and respected digital agencies in their field. They have carefully grown a team of over 40 people who are all ‘passionate experts’ . They work tirelessly to deliver strategy, user experience, design and technology that makes a long lasting difference to their clients’ brands by adding significant value. Nomensa’s work transforms digital experiences that feel ordinary into extraordinary experiences that feel meaningful. Nomensa calls what they do humanising technology.

About siteSifter

siteSifter is a web–based quality and accessibility testing system, complete with project management and workflow features. Monthly subscriptions are offered by Greytower Technologies.